Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tatum!

That's right. We celebrate our dog's birthday with a party. Don't judge. I mean, I was just born into this nonsense, so you can't blame me :o)

Last week, Tatum had her 3rd birthday, so we celebrated with a little party! We got her a few little presents and mommy made a "cake". I'm not sure why Tatum actually ate the thing because it smelled AWFUL if you ask me! See, it's made out of canned dog food covered in mashed potato "icing". Gross...but she sure wolfed it down. Silly dog!

As always, I just watched her in amazement! That dog is definitely my favorite "person" in this house. Sometimes it makes mommy and daddy sad, but they'll just have to live with it. Tatum brings the biggest smile to my face every morning and I spend most of the time during my day trying to get to her :o)

Happy Birthday, Tatum. I love you!!!

Presents and cake (we hope the purple food coloring didn't hurt her too bad!)

Tatum enjoying her cake!

I thought she might need help, but daddy caught me before it was too late!

I helped Tatum open her presents :o)

Me and my puppy!

Sweet puppy!