Thursday, August 23, 2007

9 month check-up

A little late, you think?!? We had to reschedule our first appointment in order to make the trip to the Panhandle earlier this month, and this was the first time we could get in!

Anyway, it was a GREAT visit! That's the word Dr. G. kept using about me...great! Such a sweet guy! Anyway, I tried to make this visit a lot more work for mommy! Since I'm such a busy little thing lately, I kept her on her toes. Ha! I was crawling up and down that exam table, pulling up on the wall, trying to crawl off the other end of the table...what fun :o) In fact, this was all just a part of my plan to evade the whole shot thing, but in the end they were able to keep me still just long enough to get me. Ouch! Although, I've been through all this before so this time I didn't even cry! Oh, and they pricked my little finger to check my iron levels too (which were great, by the way). Of course, I got sweet My Little Pony bandaids to cover up the hurts, so that's good. Dr. G. was so proud of how I'm doing and kept telling mommy how sweet I was :o) Another interesting thing he said was that my top two teeth are about as close to breaking through as they can get! Mommy said she thought the bottom two usually came first, but he said since mine are coming in later it's not uncommon to get the uppers first. And, he said that getting teeth later just means that they will be healthier. Yay for me!

Oh, and I'm totally growing too....check out my new "stats":
Weight - 17 lbs 12 oz (30th %ile)
Height - 26 5/8 in (50th %ile)
Head - 42 cm (25th %ile)