Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School!

Yay, "Back to School"! So, I'm told today is "Back to School" day! It actually doesn't really mean much to me since I don't go to school yet, but it is an important day for a lot of people. People like my Gigi :o) We hope you have a great first day, Gigi!

Mommy says this day feels a little weird for her because it's her first time in 22 years NOT to go "Back to School"! She is super excited to be staying home with me, but I can still tell she is just the tiny-est bit lost today :o) Oh, but don't worry about her. See, just because she isn't working at a school anymore doesn't mean she isn't still a teacher. In fact, all those years of school have left her more than a little type-A and she has been preparing for our own "Back to School" fun! Over the next few weeks, we will get into the groove of our new "school-year" with a fun new schedule and tons of stuff planned!

I'm excited about "Back to School" and I can tell mommy is too :o) Good luck to all you teachers today!!! We are praying that you have a SUPER day!