Friday, August 17, 2007

Flour Power!

I may consider a career as a chef after today's little adventure! We put some butcher paper down on the floor, dumped a bunch of flour all over it and I got cookin' :o) It sure did feel funny in my hands and I examined it a LOT! Mommy tried pouring some over my legs and that felt pretty weird too. My favorite thing to do was fling it around with my wooden spoon. You wouldn't believe how far that stuff will fly :o) It's pretty messy got EVERYWHERE! Mommy wished we had a chef hat for this fun little activity, but I think I looked good anyway!

This is very weird!

Seriously, what IS this stuff?!?

Take that!

Here mommy, you give it a try :o)

I am SO messy!

P.S. Mommy and I got this little idea from a fun website. We signed up for them to send us an email each week and they always give two ideas for fun activities to try. We love them and try most of them out! If your mommy hasn't found this website yet, tell her it's