Friday, August 17, 2007

Date Night

No, not for me silly! It was date night for mommy and daddy (and some of their friends). Although I did go stay at a boy's house, it definitely was NOT a date - our daddies wouldn't allow that :o)

I'm not sure Pierce knows what to think of me...but I was really into his hair!

Last night, my sweet friend, Pierce, let me come stay at his house while mommy and daddy went on a date with the Rakes' and Weems'. We had such a fun time!!! Pierce's mommy and daddy are really sweet too. They let us play together for a little while, fed me my bottle (even though I wasn't too interested) and then I got to go to bed in their room, where I slept like an angel :o) Too bad I barely got there before time I hope we can play longer! Mommy says that next time, Pierce's mommy and daddy can go on a date and we'll get to keep him. Can't wait! Thanks Hortons!!!