Friday, August 31, 2007

10 Months Old

Holy cow! I can't believe how old I'm's crazy! This has been a super busy month and I have grown up so much! It seems like everyday I am learning something new and it's so fun to play with mommy and daddy. Their favorite thing about this month is all the talking I'm doing :o)

- started really talking! My first real word was BALL! Actually "ba", but you know what I mean. Here are some other words that I say all by myself: Tatum - "day", baby - "bay", "dada". I also say these words when mommy and daddy remind me: "bye-bye", balloon - "boo", more - "ma"

- learned to wave and say "bye-bye"

- started "walking" a ton with the help of my walk-behind toys and anybody who will hold my hands

- got really BUSY! Mommy and daddy really have to keep an eye on me cause I can boogey away very quickly!

- tried some new finger always, I loved them all! I will pretty much eat anything :o) I tried cereal bar, sqash, hamburger, peaches, grapes, ham

- did a TON of traveling! I went to Kress, Austin, Granbury AND Houston

- started being able to run errands without falling asleep every time we get in the car :o)

- learned how to throw and kick a ball! I get really excited when I kick the ball and give a little grunt each time :o)

- I LOVE reading books with flip up pages and I like to do it all by myself!

- I prefer to turn the pages in all my books instead of somebody helping me :o)

- first time I cried when daddy told me, "no ma'am" :o(

- had my first sleepover away from mommy and daddy...SO much fun!

- started crawling up and over EVERYTHING...the stairs, mommy and daddy, my little chairs, anything in my way :o)

- started wearing my hair like "Pebbles"

- I like to make an "indian tribal noises" (sorry, I don't know how to explain it, but it makes my mommy and daddy laugh)

- started "pointing" to things...I still just point with my whole hand, but I'm working on using just my pointer finger

- learned how to make a lot of my toys "go"...all this time I didn't realize all you have to do is push some button, silly me

- had a few playdates with Pierce and Avery

- Dance Party! I started "dancing" and "singing" whenever I hear music

- learned how to stand up all by myself for a few seconds at a time