Sunday, July 29, 2007

9 Months Old

Wow! Nine months old seems really big if you ask me! This month has definitely been the busiest and most independent month I've had so far. Since I learned how to boogie on my own, I am finding all kinds of new adventures and places I've never been before. I really like this newfound freedom and I'm not slowing down :o) Here are some of the things I've been up to:

- Things that make me laugh - my puppy!, tickles from mommy and daddy, playing hide-n-seek with daddy, bear hugs, mommy making noises on my tummy, big kids

- Things that make me a little sad - getting my hands and face wiped off after eating, waking up from naps sometimes, sometimes when mommy and daddy drop me off at the nursery

- Silly things I do - grab mommy and daddy's toes, lick their legs, try to eat Tatum's dog hair (gross, I know), yell in restaurants, blow my food at mommy and daddy, play stand-up, sit-down in my crib, pull my bow down over my eyes in the car

- started the month off by doing the "worm". I pretty much just inched forward on the floor to get where I needed to go :o)

- had my first 4th of July and saw my first fireworks!

- figured out what mommy and daddy meant by "baby-proofing" our we have these retractable gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and they covered all those outlet things with little plugs. They are just messing up all kinds of fun!

- had Kennedy over to play a few days

- started crawling!!! At first, my favorite things to crawl toward were cell phones, remote controls, my "talking" books, Tatum and puffy. And, I wouldn't crawl on the tile at first. Now, I pretty much go EVERYWHERE!

- started understanding what "no" means. Now, do I always stop when they say "no"? Not exactly. But, we talk a lot about obeying...whatever that means!

- my hair started curling up in the back (mommy is SO excited)!

- went swimming a lot, and I went under for the first time!

- tried some new fingerfoods - peas, carrots, pears, tortilla, cantaloupe, turkey, Gerber carrot wheels

- started crying a bit when mommy and daddy leave the room and leave me at the nursery at church. Most of the time I'm fine, but I do miss them every once in a while :o(

- went on my first trip out of Texas to see my friend Emma in Oklahoma

- got really good at turning pages in my books! Mommy says this makes me look SO big!

- started imitating a lot of things that mommy and daddy do - blowing raspberries, sticking out their tongues, waving bye-bye (sort of), patting the floor, shaking toys

- started playing turn-taking games with mommy and daddy - I take turns "talking" on the phone and playing with toys

- started offering things to mommy and daddy - my food at dinnertime (though they never seem to actually eat it...hmm), toys from the tub and my room, my lovie

- started pulling up on everything! Most of the time after naps, I greet mommy and daddy standing in my crib :o) I never seemed really scared about getting back down either, I just let go and fall on my tushie or shimmy down to my knees. In fact, mommy caught me playing a game the other day...I stand up, fall on my tushie, laugh, stand up, fall on my tushie, laugh, and so on.

- started learning how to give kisses! Most of the time, my kisses involve a little tongue action and lots of slobber, but mommy and daddy think it's cute :o)

- started learning to wave bye-bye...I only do it myself right now, but I'll figure it out soon

- started learning how to use my walk-behind toys and LOVE when mommy and daddy help me "walk" around the place! I take BIG steps...mommy and daddy laugh :o)

- started cruising around the furniture a little bit

- had another visit with my friend, Emma

- went to the library for the first time!