Saturday, July 28, 2007

Family Fun Friday Night!!!

This week our family started something's called "Family Fun Friday Night"! For our first official "FFFN", we started out at the city library. I had never been there before and I LOVED it! In case you don't know this about me, I LOVE books! This makes my Gigi especially proud since she is a school librarian :o) Anyway, I got to pick out some books, mommy and daddy read to me, and I watched some big kids do a little puppet show. Fun, fun! When the library closed, we headed down to Taco C for dinner - it's one of our favorites :o) After dinner, we made our way over to Home Depot to pick out some paint samples for my playroom. Mommy has been working really hard on it this week and we have gotten a lot done. There is still a ton to do, so that's why we needed to pick up our paint...we got some fun colors! After that, I was getting pretty sleepy, so we decided to head home. What a fun night! So, that was our first Family Fun Friday Night. We'll keep you posted on our other family advertures to come.

"How is this one, daddy?"

"Good book!"

A family pose

Fun paint colors (and tasty too)