Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a special day for me and mommy. It was the first time we got to celebrate Mother's day! It was a really wonderful day and I was SO sweet to mommy all day. First, we all went to church and learned a lot. Then we took mommy and Gigi to lunch...yummy! After that, daddy and I got to give mommy some presents. Daddy gave mommy the sweetest video that he made with a ton of pictures of just me and mommy! She LOVED it! Then, I gave mommy a book about all the mommies in the Bible. She is really excited to learn more about them. I also gave her a book about praying for me because she has been learning a lot about that in her mommy group. Mommy said I picked the perfect gifts! The rest of the day we just spent playing and having fun. I'm so excited I could spend the day celebrating with mommy! I love you mommy!