Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend in Granbury

This weekend, we went to visit my mommy's family in Granbury. We had such a great time! I got to see lots of people like Gigi and Grandaddy Carlise, Uncle Ross, Grandmother Carlisle and Aunt Traci and Uncle Jim. I had so much fun playing with all of them! Here are some fun pictures from the weekend :o)

Here I am with my Granddaddy Carlisle. He's telling me some important things here :o) We even got to hang out in the nursery at church and mommy said he looked so proud to be my granddaddy!

Here I am playing with my Gigi! She is so sweet to me. Check out the new little bow she bought me - I finally have enough hair to wear clip in bows :o)

Here I am with my Uncle Ross. I hadn't gotten to see him in a long time and it was way fun to catch up. Can you tell he is teaching me to talk - something about Hooking some Horns?

Here I am with Aunt Traci. She and I played SO much and she helped me figure out this crazy bunny :o)

This is my Uncle Jim. He has this way fun thing on his face that I love to pull :o)

Here I am with my Grandmother Carlisle. She loves me SO much and loves to play with me!