Thursday, May 10, 2007

6 month check-up

Today we got in the car and went to visit the doctor. Apparently, since I'm 6 months old, I need to go visit him and let him and mommy talk about how I'm growing. I don't know why mommy and I couldn't simply have that discussion at home, but nobody asked me.

Anyway, we got there and everything was going fine. I really like my doctor. He always tells me how cute I am, and he even shows me off to all the nurses. :o) The Doc checked me and told mommy how great I was doing. Mommy asked him some questions as I was laying there and then....BAM! Somebody poked my leg with a needle! Before I could collect myself, BAM! BAM! Two more! Not to worry because I'm a tough little cookie. I only cried for a minute and then I decided to pull it together and not show any fear. I figured that if I acted scared, the nurses could see it in my eyes and they might go in for another shot. Something I learned in the Army, but that's a whole different story.

Then we left and I was really fine all afternoon. We even went for a walk and played at the park a bit. But right about bathtime, my legs really started to hurt. I figured that I should tell someone so I let mommy and daddy know that it hurt. Once we all calmed down (OK, fine, just me) I went to bed and slept great.

For those of you who are keeping score, I also wanted to give you some vitals. I'm definitely sticking with the whole petite thing. The doctor said he isn't at all worried about my size and that I'm doing just fine. Mommy was a little concerned, but GiGi reminded her she was always a little baby too.

Weight - 13 lbs 15 oz (10th %ile)
Height - 26 5/8 in (75th %ile)
Head - 42 cm (25th %ile)
Cuteness - 110th %ile (daddy added that one)

So cute bandaids - My Little Pony and Barbie

Here I am in my "happy place" after the check-up! Those fingers always make me feel better :o)