Monday, April 02, 2007

Run Aunt Gina!

My Aunt Gina is a STUD!!! She ran a whole lot this weekend - it's really called a Marathon, but mommy and daddy said it's called "crazy" :o)! This was her very first Marathon and she did SO great! We all got to drive around and meet her several places along the way and she was always smiling...can you believe that? Then, we got to hear them call her name at the finish line and that was really neat.

We are SO very proud of you, Aunt Gina! You are so inspiring that when I learn how to walk and then run someday, I might just follow in your footsteps. Thanks for letting me come watch you!

Me and Aunt Gina after the race

Cheering Gina on!

Smiling....smiling....STILL smiling!

Uncle Greg was proud too - he even helped run the last few miles :o)