Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's Hungry?!?!

Let me tell you about some good eatin'. I was recently introduced to the greatness of baby cereal and I gotta say...that's allllright.

Mommy and daddy had been feeding me milk since I can remember, but I must have been really polite or sweet recently. On my 5 month birthday, the late hours of the afternoon were passing and I was beginning to prepare my taste buds for the sweet nectar from my bottle. However, on this day, my parents sat me down in my high chair and began to feed me with some round, plastic contraption they kept calling a 'spin', something like that. I must admit, the taste at first caused my gag reflex to kick in. They captured the surprise on camera (see below). But when I began to actually swallow the wonderful cereal, I realized that life would never be the same. Dad was way too slow with each successive bite, so I had to help him get the 'spin' to my mouth faster.

I'll was a messy process. But I love my new cereal and I highly recommend it to anyone else who's looking for something other than milk. Thanks mom and dad!

Pre-messiness :o)

All done and ALL over me :o)