Sunday, March 04, 2007

Making of the band

Since I recently turned four months old, I am taking the next natural step in my development as a child. I'm starting a rock band. Of course, I will be the drummer for the band since I have a natural talent for it and every good group needs a solid musician behind the drums. I've enlisted the help of my friend Kennedy on vocals since that's another key piece to having a complete band. Tryouts will take place at our crib (get it, our crib?) sometime soon and bring your A-game if you expect to make the cut. We are serious about making quality music and are planning on our first album going multi-platinum. If you think I'm kidding, check out the serious look on my face below.

We're working on names right now, but we've come up with some ideas. Tell us what you think about: Emmytallica, The Babyeatles, R.E.Emmy or maybe The Beach Babes. Also, I have some friends named Lake and Palmer so we might be able to just combine our names and come up with something really unique.

Hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes photos below from our video shoot. Look for our album to arrive in stores soon. Rock on!!!