Wednesday, February 28, 2007

4 Months Old

Whew, month 4 has just flown by! I can't believe all the things I've learned and how much I'm growing up. Mommy and daddy wish I'd slow down a little so they can enjoy my "baby-ness". This month, I've noticed how everything around me tastes different (because I try to get my mouth on it all)! Here are some other things I've noticed:

- Things that make me giggle: daddy rapping, mommy singing, tickles and kisses on my neck, my puppy Tatum, daddy blowing in my face (weird, right?)
- Things I like: bathtime, mornings, chewing on things, my new jumperoo (more pictures later), watching my PraiseBaby video (mommy thinks I like it a little too much), playing airplane, chewing on things, tummy time, "talking", spending time with my grandparents, blowing spit bubbles, did I mention chewing on things???
- Things I don't like: when mommy and daddy use that evil blue sucky thing to clean out my nose, waiting too long to take my nap, burping, being sick :o(
- I reach for lots of things now: my toys, mommy and daddy's faces, noses, eyes, especially mommy's hair
- I put EVERYTHING in my mouth and like to chew (mommy thinks I've started teething a bit)
- I had a little growth spurt and started eating about 5 oz. at each feeding
- I learned to rolled over from tummy to back!
- I went on lots of walks outside in all the pretty weather
- I started sleeping through the night for 12 hours
- I got to see all my grandparents and some other family too
- I had my dedication at church (more pictures on that later)
- I started noticing and playing with my friends more
- I kept on "talking" and I'm getting louder too! I like to "growl" in the back of my throat and put my lips together like "buh". And, mommy really thinks she heard a "meh" "meh" which she told daddy sounded like "ma ma" :o)
- I got a fun new toy that I LOVE - my jumperoo! Right now, I mainly just "hop", but I'll be jumping before long.
- I had my first Balentimes day
- I got my 3 month portraits taken
- I made TONS of spit bubbles - one of my favorite things to do
- I got to visit with some of mommy's friends - both Amy W.'s
- I started lifting my head up off the changing table and during bathtime. I like when mommy and daddy help me sit up too.
- I stopped needing to be swaddled for naptime
- I took an hour and fifteen minute nap one day - my best ever!
- My new friend Pierce was born!
- I visited my friends Elliott and Oliver in Waco and met my friend Emma
- I got sick for the first time - NOT fun :o(

P.S. I'm feeling much better now, but now mommy's got it. Please pray she doesn't give it back to me - it was WAY not fun!