Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome to Joyland!

Today was a very big day for me. It was my very first time to go to the nursery at church. You know, come to think of it....most everything I'm doing these days is for the very first time. Anyway, I digress.

Luckily, my friend Kennedy had already gone a few times and was able to tell me what to expect. What she didn't warn me about was how silly my mommy and daddy were going to be about the whole deal. Mommy took a ton of pictures, wrote down a million little notes on my form, kissed me good-bye a million times and took way long to actually leave the room. If daddy hadn't dragged mommy out of there, I think she was about to start interviewing the other kids on camera about their past nursery experiences. I think my parents definitely had a harder time with it than I did.

There were LOTS of babies in there today, but all the ladies took really good care of me. I was a little too excited to nap or eat much of my bottle though, so I'll have to work on that more next time. I sure am glad mommy and daddy take me to church!

In my carseat, ready to go!

Mommy dropping me off (Daddy taking the picture)

My friend Kennedy and her mom Courtney