Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two babies is twice the fun!!!

This week started a whole new adventure for me and mommy! See, she had to start going back to her job and I got to start staying with my friend Kennedy. The first day, Kennedy came over to my house for the whole day while her mommy went to work. The next day, I got to go hang out at their house while my mommy went to work. I did miss my mommy and daddy, but had SO much fun with Kennedy! The only sad part was that I heard mommy and Courtney both cried a little on their way to work - I hope they'll feel better soon.

Mommy and Courtney did a really good job keeping Kennedy and me entertained! We did all kinds of things like play in our bouncers, play with our floor gyms, sit in our Bumbos, play in our swings, sing songs (I like Deep and Wide), read books and even just stared at each other for a while. In fact, they kept us so busy that I heard them talking about how neither of them had time to eat lunch! Those silly mommies! Kennedy and I both did a good job of taking our naps, playing and eating both days, but as hard as mommy and Courtney tried to alternate our eating schedules, we ended up wanting to eat at the same time both days. It was SO funny to see mommy and Courtney try to figure out how to feed two babies at once, but they did it. I just wish I could hold a camera because I would have taken a picture of that! :o)

We were all pretty worn out by the end of both days, but we still had smiles on our faces, so I think it was a huge success!

Kennedy's mommy dropping her off.

Kennedy playing in my bouncer - I think she likes that bear as much as I do.

"Hey Emmy, what's wrong? Why won't you smile for the camera?"

There we go - now we're all happy!

Kennedy waking up from a nap - SO happy!

Daddy dropping me off. I heard mommy tell him she's glad to have "pick-up" duty instead of "drop-off" duty!

"Hey Kennedy, are my fingers as tasty as yours?"

Boy, do we have a lot of fun toys!

"Whew, what a day! I am all tuckered out."