Sunday, January 07, 2007


Finally, some relatives closer to my age! I got to meet some of my cousins over the Christmas holiday and we had a great time. My daddy's aunt and uncle came to visit us at Karo and Grandfather's house while we were there for Christmas/New Years and they brought their two sons, Garrett and Connor. They were so much fun and really were nice to let me spend time with their mommy while they played around the house. Daddy's Aunt Cara is the one holding me in the picture - she sure knows how to handle babies. I threw every trick in the book at her, and she just kept holding me and playing with me. What a lady!

I also heard Garrett, Uncle Steve and my daddy speaking some Spanish so I picked up a few new phrases. So...Garrett, I wanted to pass along a message from daddy: Tu es nina. Tambien, tu es burro. Take that!

Anyway, thanks y'all for coming to visit me in Houston. I hope to spend more time with you when you move to Texas.

Daddy, Garrett and Connor

Me, Aunt Cara and Connor, sharing his toys with me

Aunt Cara and Connor

Garrett (AKA, el burro y la nina)