Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rowe Christmas

This post is for all you Do-It-Yourselfers out there. This is a step by step process on How to Score Two Christmases. I tried it this year and loved it! I ate like there was no tomorrow and hung out with more relatives than I can remember. So here goes...

First, you need to make sure your mommy and daddy's parents live in different cities - preferably multiple hours away. Secondly, you need to look as cute as possible whenever you visit relatives...especially grandparents. Third, you need to write separate letters to Santa for each location you plan on visiting during the Holidays. Once you've done these things, kick back and rake in the gifts. It's easy as pie...I did it and so can you.

I am actually writing this post to tell you about visiting my Karo and Grandfather. We went to visit daddy's parents for the New Year holiday so that we could celebrate Christmas with them and my aunts and uncles. We got to stay several days and I had so much fun. Karo and Grandfather (that's the nickname daddy's dad chose to try out for a while) introduced me to this singing dog in a stocking. It's quite a sight. I still have no idea how they get this stuffed dog into a stocking, much less how they taught him to sing Christmas carols, but everytime you squeeze his paw he sings like a canary! I didn't believe my eyes at first, so I had to get my grandparents to hold me up to the dog several times. I still have no idea how it all works, but I will let you know when I find out more.

All in all, though, it was a great trip. Here are some pictures from our time with them. Thanks everyone for my nice gifts and for spending time with me.

Grandfather Rowe makes me happy! Here we are playing "Astropoly" (Astros version of Monopoly) - I helped him win!

Karo holding me after church. We posed for this one alot :o)!

Naptime with Aunt Sarah - she is so sweet! She even got me a Puff-a-Lump just like hers when she was little.

Here Aunt Gina and Uncle Greg are playing with just can't see Uncle Greg cause Mommy messed up and deleted that picture. Sorry Uncle Greg - I really had fun playing with you!

See, Uncle Greg was there - Mommy feels really bad she didn't capture him with me!

Uncle Brad holding me in the Christmas outfit that Karo bought me - I'm a little Rudolph!

Daddy, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad when we went out to eat at Taste of Texas - thanks to Grandfather, Karo and Gramma Rowe!