Monday, January 01, 2007

Group date

I met two boys on Thursday...just don't tell Daddy! On our way to the Rowes' house, I got to meet my new friends Elliot and Oliver. They are 5 month old twins. Apparently, that means that their mommy carried both of them in her tummy at the same time! Daddy says it's kinda like twinkies that come two in a package but minus the whip cream filling. All I know is that their mommy must be a stud to hold two babies! Anyway, Elliot and Oliver's Mommy and Daddy are good friends with my Mommy and Daddy. They all went to Baylor together and love to hang out. I think it must be even more fun for them now that we're all here. Hopefully next time, our other friend Emma will get to join us. She was just born on the 18th, so it's still a little too early for her to travel. Thanks for letting me visit, guys! I had a great time!

Elliot - Me - Oliver

"Hey, check me out - two boys!"

Holding hands

Connor - Elliot - Oliver - Kathy

Mommy - Me - Daddy