Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gobble Gobble

Last week, I had my very first Thanksgiving in Fulshear with my Rowe family. We had some great food....well, they said it was great; I don't ever get to taste any grown-up food. I tried to sneak a piece of pecan pie but mommy caught me. I'll try again at Christmas.

I hear my Aunt Sarah really outdid herself though. She worked for days getting all the food ready while I hung out with my Karo. There was a poor guy named Tom that they cooked in the oven too. Not sure who he was, but I think they said he was from Turkey.

I also got to meet some of my other family. I met DeeDah and PawPaw and Gramma Rowe (daddy's grandparents) and Great Uncle Gayle and Great Aunt Norma too. Of course, I spent plenty of time with my aunts and uncles and Karo and Grandpa Hunter too. Here are some pictures from the trip:

My "Gobble" Thanksgiving Outfit

Mommy and Daddy and Me (a little fussy)

The Whole Family

4 Generations of Rowes

Paw Paw & DeeDah taking care of me.