Sunday, November 05, 2006

Me and my family

Hi everyone...Emerson again. I'm getting good at using the internet already - part of my generation, you know. They have no idea I'm growing up so fast. I already paid all their bills online and have placed a couple bets for next weekend's Baylor game. Just wanted to make a post on my website before I cried for them to come bring me back downstairs.

This time I would like to tell you about my family since they've all been to visit me since I was born. I met my Mommy and Daddy first, but soon after that my aunts and uncles and grandparents started showing up at the hospital. They are really nice people and they are great at holding me. Only problem is that my grandmas really really like to take pictures. The flash sometimes wakes me up but I guess that's part of their job. I hear they are coming back to visit soon. Can't wait to see them.

Oh, I also think my grandmas have names already. Mommy's mom is going to be GiGi and Daddy's mom is Karo. I'm working on my pronunciation - those are gonna be tough. My granddads don't have names yet. They said they didn't care as long as it wasn't something like PooPee or Doodie. I'll do my best.

Have fun looking at my family!





Grandpa Rowe

Grandpa Carlisle

Aunt Gina and Aunt Sarah

Crazy Uncle Ross (he likes that name)

Uncle Greg

Uncle Big Bad Brad (he chose that name, too)