Monday, January 17, 2011


She’s a funny, funny girl, our Hayden Kate! We just LOVE her precious little voice and all the hilarious things she says. Here are a few I don’t want to forget…

  • "Oooo-kay, I weeee-illl”. This is her response when we ask her to do something that she doesn’t necessarily want to do, but she gives in.
  • “Did you know dat?” I guess she thinks that most of what she says is brand new information. Funny that it’s usually something her big sister just said. Ha!
  • “Ak-shu-wee (actually)…” She loves to throw around some big words and this is a fave ;).
  • “Bu-vur” - Brother. We say it A LOT!
  • “I used to do dat.” She loves to hear stories about when she was a baby and now tells us all the things she “used” to do.
  • “I hun-gee, dawg.” This one is thanks to her daddy. Great. I must admit, it’s pretty hilarious to hear her say it!
  • “I wi-wee (really) hun-gee”. Another one we say All. The. Time. Because that kid is ALWAYS hungry!! Don’t know where she puts it.