Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adding some BOYS to the mix

That's what we've been doing in the Rowe family this year!  Not only was our own little man born this year, but we also welcomed a BOY cousin this week too!!  Uncle Greg & Aunt Gina & Ava welcomed precious little Austin to their family on January 12th!  We couldn't wait to get to see him...and everyone else too.  They were so sweet to let us crash and spend a little time loving on the little guy and the girls had SO much fun with Ava.  Austin is adorable and just look at all that hair!!  Lincoln was SO jealous.  It was a trip to see all FIVE cousins together!!  I'm so excited for them to get to grow up together ;).  The only sad moment of the trip came when I realized just how fast my little Lincoln is growing!!!  He looked huge next to Austin's "newborn-ness".  Crazy!