Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

We love celebrating Jesus’ birthday and love getting to do it with our little family of five! As much as we LOVE being with our families on Christmas, we just feel like it’s important for us to create some fun family traditions of our own. We like to incorporate things from each of our childhoods, but like to start some new traditions too. So on Christmas Eve, we spent our night decorating for Baby Jesus’ birthday, making Him a birthday cake and listening to daddy read about the days leading up to His birth. Then we opened just one present… new Christmas jammies (just like daddy used to)! It was a wonderful night with sweet memories…even if we didn't get a single picture ;).

On Christmas morning, Lincoln woke up about 7:30 and I fed him while we listened to the girls chatting in their room. They were excited, but still stayed in their beds like they’re always supposed to (such good girls)! So we went to get them up and they scampered down the stairs to celebrate. We checked out our stockings first to see what Santa had brought and the girls were SO sweet to help brother open his stocking & show him all his goodies! And they loved their goodies too ;).

Next we had our party!! We sang happy birthday to Jesus, ate cake for breakfast and put our last ornament on the Jesse Tree after daddy read the Christmas Story (just like Gebo always did). Oh, and brother did a great job supervising.

Afterwards, we opened presents from each other and spent the rest of our day playing! I know I’m crazy sentimental this year, but I just can’t get over how blessed we are!! God is good and was especially good the day he sent His Son to be our Savior!!  Merry Christmas!!