Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baylor’s in a Bowl Game!!!

When our good ‘ole Bears clinched a Bowl game appearance, we knew we’d do everything to be there. Luckily, the Texas Bowl was scheduled for the time we’d be in Houston with Scott’s family, so it worked out perfectly. Plus, his parents and sibling agreed to keep the big girls so we could go together. (And from what I hear, they didn’t miss us a bit because they had so much fun with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad ;)).

So off we went to the game. Scott, me and our little Baylor Bear!! Isn’t he just too much!?! Uncle Ross and Amanda had gotten him this precious bear suit before he was born and I had been waiting for the perfect place to wear it. Clearly, this was it. He did SUCH a good job at the game and got plenty of oohs & aahs while we were there. Unfortunately, our Bears did not fair so well. But we still had fun seeing all our friends and cheering for our guys. So here’s to next year. B-A-Y-L-O-R Baylor Bears Fight!!!