Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny Tots n Tunes

Although the semester stated out a little shaky for our “hesitant to try new things” Hayden Kate, she ended up LOVING her Tiny Tots n Tunes class!! She couldn’t wait to go each Wednesday night and would tell us all day long what she’d get to do…”I sing songs, Briggs be there, I get shakers, I get stampers!” And it was such a treat that we got to do the evening class because daddy was able to join us! While Emerson went to her Joyland Choir, we would get to spend some good quality time with mommy, daddy and Hayden. Tonight was our last night & she even got to show off her new baby brother! Here are some of her favorite songs…The Dinosaur song, the “jumping song” and anything that involved instruments. They usually got to use shakers, sticks and bells each time and she was very enthusiastic about her music making ;). She even got brave enough to touch the parachute by the last class.

But her very favorite part of the class came at the end…each kiddo got to go up front and get a “stamper”. She told us every time, “I get stamper, just like Emmy. I go show her.” She loves being like her big sissy (who gets stampers at gymnastics). I’d say that Hayden is quite the fan of music class and we’ll be back at it soon!