Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ready for Brother!

Whew!  Just in time.  We got brother his special gift and now we're dying to give it to him!!

A few days ago, we went to make brother his very own Build-A-Bear!  Since Emmy has her puppy, Dae, and Hayden has her teddy, "Abby", we thought brother needed one too.  Just like Em had done when Hayden was on the way, we wanted to give him a special gift to say, "we love you, welcome to the family!"  We actually chose a "boyish" looking puppy for him and it turned out SO cute!

Choosing the perfect one.

Picking out his little "puppy" sound.

We kissed the heart and said a little prayer for our baby brother.  First, Em did some stuffing, and then it was Hayden's turn.

Gotta give him a bath.

 All done!!  Come on, brother!  We're ready to meet you!!!