Friday, October 24, 2008

Super Big Sister

I am getting SO ready for my baby sister to get here! I told mommy and daddy that I wanted to buy her a present before she gets here and they thought that was a great idea :o). So...we headed out to Build-A-Bear to make her the perfect present! Since I love my puppy from Build-A-Bear SOOOO much, I just know she will love her new teddy too! I will have to teach her all about it and I can't wait.

Checking out all the options.

I think this is the one!

Yep, looks good.

I want the "lullabye" sound for teddy.

Kiss her heart and tuck it in.

Getting her stuffing.

Gotta give her a bath.

I love baby sister's teddy...and I named her Abby.

Here go, daddy. It's a little heavy :o).