Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lincoln! (Part 3)

Scott's parents arrived about the time Lincoln was brought to our room and we all had a wonderful time loving on our new little man!!  Scott and I had SO much fun introducing the girls to their new little brother and they were both smitten with him right away!!  What a HUGE blessing...watching my husband take time with each of the girls to show off our sweet baby boy.  I just wanted to freeze those moments forever!!  They were both so careful, so excited and so very proud.  Precious!

After a while, the girls left with our parents.  We were SO thankful that both sets of our parents were willing to stay with the girls!  How fun for them and reassuring for us to know that they were getting loved on ;).  Then Scott and I spent the evening just loving on Lincoln, snuggling, learning to diaper a boy ;), staring at him and thanking God for this wonderful blessing!!

11-19-2010.  What a WONDERFUL day!!!