Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lincoln! (Part 2)

Of course, the minute I saw him I melted!! SUCH a sweetie! And he looked just like the girls…those crazy strong Rowe genes ;). Of course, I pretty much expected it and loved his sweet little face. He was cuddly from the first minute and his daddy was beaming!! We got a lot of congrats on him being our first boy from everyone in the room too. I had guessed he’d weigh somewhere in the 7’s and he was exactly 7 lbs. I just felt like he was this little manly dude from the very beginning and I knew that I’d have to try very hard to not let him be a complete “mama’s boy” ;).

Scott and I got to have some special time alone with Lincoln and soaked him all up! I was so proud to watch “my man” with our very own “little man”. And I loved getting to join the “boys mom club” too!

Next, my parents got to come meet their grandson! By that time, Courtney had gone to pick up the girls at Sharee’s house and brought them up to meet their baby brother!! But when they got to our room, he had already gone to the nursery. I was just SO ready to see them and I LOVED getting to ride over to our recovery room with them holding my hands the whole way ;). They did stop to see Lincoln in the nursery and got to watch as daddy helped give him his first bath.

Stay tuned for Part 3......