Sunday, October 03, 2010

Lincoln's Shower

To say my friends out-did themselves on Lincoln’s shower would be the understatment of the century!! Considering that I really didn’t think we needed a shower, I can’t believe they even convinced me...and then they really went all out! I was so amazed and REALLY appreciated it.  Plus now I literally have nothing I need to buy for our little boy. Unbelievable. Thank you, ladies!! I am so blessed by each of you. (And Lincoln doesn’t have to go naked. Ha!)

They did a vintage toy theme and it was incredible…complete with "vintage" pictures of Scott and me and TONS of old toys! Some of the toys they had even collected from our moms.  It was definitely the cutest idea and very meaningful!!!

Isn’t ‘the “wooden block” cake amazing!? And the rest of the muchies were fabulous too.

Here are some of our precious friends that came to celebrate with us & blessed our socks off!!  And it wouldn't have been a party without Gigi and his Biggest Sister!!

All my ladies ;). Thanks again SO much!!