Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bears Vs. Raiders

Our good ‘ole Baylor Bears were up against the Red Raiders this weekend and we just had to go to the game. We have quite the rivalry amongst the members of our family so this is always a chance for bragging rights. The Rowe Crew put on our green and gold, loaded up and road the Dart down to the game at the Fair.

No sooner had we met up with Gigi, Gebo, Jim & Traci than Gigi disappeared with the girls and returned them in Red Raider gear. And since it was Gigi’s birthday, we decided to let it slide ;). And they humored us a bit by putting a BU on the back of the tees ;).

The girls did well for a while, but we knew they were done by halftime so Gigi and I decided to take them on to the fair while everyone else finished the game. The girls had a great time at the petting zoo and found some other fun things to do once Gebo and daddy left the game. Sadly, our Bears were not victorious this year, but we did have fun celebrating Gigi’s birthday at the Fair!