Monday, July 05, 2010

Pretty as a Princess PINK or Buzz Blaster BLUE !?!?!?!?

Today was the day...we got to see our little baby on the "big" screen!  We all piled into the sono room (with the same sweet lady that has done all three of the kiddos) and got busy watching our RoweBaby movie.  

I was really emotional each time she would say that the little body parts all looked great.  We are just SO thankful for another healthy baby!!!  Praise God for such a huge blessing!!   She did have quite an adventure simply trying to get a look at everything because this little stinker is B-U-S-Y!  She had to try over and over to see many of different parts as the baby wriggled away ;).  My favorite part was watching that sweet little face!!  There was some definite chewing action going on and we even got a wave...

So just like with the girls, we wanted to find out the gender after we left the office.  And we wanted to include the big sisters in finding out if they were getting a baby brother or sister.  Our sono tech happily wrote down our answer and stuck it in an envelop for us to take on our way.  We headed straight over to Home Depot to get our answer.  That's right, Home Depot ;).  Daddy thought of our "gender reveal" idea this time and I must admit it was perfect!  The girls quickly picked out two colors..."Pretty as a Princess PINK" for a girl and "Buzz Blaster BLUE" for a boy.  We asked that they look in our envelop and mix up a can of either blue or pink.  Those folks really got into it ;).  We could hardly stand the drive home and couldn't wait to get a look at our paint!!

So what did we find when we opened it up!?!?!?!

None other than Buzz Blaster BLUE our sweet Baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls had so much fun painting canvases for their Baby Brother and were so proud of their work.  Hayden wanted "morse" paint after each stroke and Emerson was VERY intense about her technique ;).  And I think our final products turned out wonderful!!  Baby Brother will definitely love them!

And just to make sure the Home Depot folks didn't get it wrong, we checked the envelop ourselves.  Looks like they got it right...we are actually having a BOY!!!!!

We liked the, "yes, really" part ;).  I guess she knew we'd be SUPER surprised!!  The girls are thrilled, at least as much as they can understand.  Em keeps tallying things up..."there will be three girls and TWO boys" in our little family.  And Hayden is REALLY good at saying "buth-uh".  And I know that daddy would have been thrilled with another sweet girl, but he can't seem to wipe that smile off his face...I know he's SO excited to have a little golfing buddy ;).  As for mommy, I just can't WAIT to see what this mother-son thing is all about.  I won't lie...I'm a little nervous that I won't know how to let him be "boy" enough, but I'm just so grateful that God is giving me the opportunity to have a son.  What an incredible blessing!!

To our Precious Baby BOY,
Your daddy and I love you so very much.  We still can't wrap our minds around having a BOY, but we're thrilled that you're the one that will make us "boy parents"!!  We can't wait to get our hands on you and we're not the only ones...those two big sisters of yours are dying to meet you!!  Don't worry, we'll make 'em go easy on you.  And I already heard daddy telling them tonight that they aren't allowed to dress you up in girl clothes ;).  We feel so blessed that God has chosen you for our family and know that it wouldn't be complete without you!!  Hurry up and get here!!  We love you,
Mommy & Daddy