Saturday, June 26, 2010

Date Night!!

We love to go out on Family Date Nights on Fridays.  We've just been so busy lately, that we've not been in town enough to do it.  So the girls and I were SO excited to surprise daddy with Date Night on Friday!!  We decided to take him bowling and to Campisi's for dinner.  It was SUCH a fun night ;).  The girls literally squealed when we walked into Strikz and were plum giddy the entire time!!  Hayden was very intense about her turns and Em was so proud of her bowling shoes ;).  We had a ball...pun intended.  Ha!  Dinner was delish (but bummer that mommy left our doggy bag on the table) and then daddy got to show us his new office.  They recently moved things around and he's got a great new set up.  We were all very flattered that his office is plastered with pics of his ladies ;).  Next date night, he's surprising us...wonder what it will be?!?!