Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrate Allen USA

Celebrate Allen USA was a huge hit this year!  And the fact that this way fun event is in walking distance from our house is always a huge plus.  We didn't waste anytime getting busy...we came, we saw and we conquered!

First up were the bouncy houses.  Big sister LOVED them, little sister was a little less sure.  But we got some smiles out of her by the end.

Next up was the train.  It was super precious!  Since we didn't have quite enough tickets, daddy got to take the girlies on this one solo...and I think he was just fine with that.  Sweet daddy's girls ;).

And we couldn't leave without a little "carnie food".  Emerson was DYING for her cotton candy and mommy & daddy were pumped about some funnel cake.  We literally had to convince Hayden to try the pink fluffy stuff, but once she tried it, she was convinced...despite the "stinky face" she kept giving us when we asked for a smile.  Stinker!  It was a beautiful evening, so we just sat on the grass and watched our girlies run around.  Sweet memories.

We headed home a little early to get the kiddos in bed, but mommy & daddy got to watch the fireworks through our window.  Not a bad way to Celebrate Allen USA!