Monday, June 07, 2010

2 + 1 = 3!!!

2 Proud Big Sisters


1 Precious New Baby


3 Blessings from Above!!!

Now, how's that for a fun little math fact!?!

We're so excited to introduce our newest little RoweBaby #3!!! We are incredibly thankful and humbled that God would allow us to continue to grow our family and we can't wait to lay eyes on this little miracle ;). Until then, we'll be busy with two very excited big sisters.

Rowebaby #3 has taken QUITE a toll on mommy, thus the crazy long blog drought. It could still take some time to get caught up on the 'ole blog, but at least you'll get to look at these precious pics of all THREE of our precious kiddos.

Oh yeah, here are the details. Sixteen weeks along, due Nov. 20th...just two weeks after Hayden's birthday/three weeks after Emerson's. Yep, God has a sense of humor ;).

More on RoweBaby #3 to come.  For now, the two big sisters showing some love.  Ha!