Monday, March 08, 2010

Way to go, USA!!

We know this is a little late by now, but we had so much fun during the Olympics!! We L-O-V-E the Olympics!! And we're sad that they've come to an end, but it will be great for our overloaded T.V. consumption lately ;). And yay for the USA!! They all did such a great job. We've had a lot of fun celebrating with our team!!

On the night of the opening ceremonies, we celebrated by making our very own Olympic Torch ice-cream cones! It would have worked a little better with orange sherbet like they suggested, but all we had was whip cream, so we just shook some orange "firey" sprinkles on top and called it good. Of course, our little ladies wolfed them down and got SUPER messy!

Another day, we made our own Olympic Rings! Em made hers by cutting out circles that we traced around our cereal bowls. I helped her cut out the inside and we worked to glue them together. She's super proud, in case you can't tell ;). Hayden isn't quite ready for tracing and cutting, but she LOVES to color. So we cut her some rings out of paper plates and she got busy coloring them red, blue, black, green and yellow. She did get a little pooped by the end...that is a LOT of big sister helped her finish. And she was pretty proud of herself too!

One day after lunch, Em made alphabet bracelets for both of the girls. She did a great job finding all the letters and stringing them on. Though neither girlie was wild about wearing them because I accidentally bought "scratchy" pipe cleaners that hurt their wrists. Oops! But they did play with them all week and had fun supporting our team!!

We did TONS of coloring sheets. I tried to find one for each sport so that we could color while we watched a bit. And if the Americans happened to win that sport, we put a big 'ole medal on that page. Here's our Lindsay Vonn skier with a gold medal and Hockey with a silver medal!!

One day when Kennedy was over, she and Em spent some time sorting through some toothpick flags of different countries and glued them on black paper. They were good at picking out the American flag, but mommy wasn't a very good teacher for the others!! Good thing daddy was able to set us straight when he got home ;).

Now, our VERY favorite thing to do all week was wear our own Olympic Medals!!! We used some old blue ribbon and some broze, silver and gold (chocolate) coins and they were SO cute!! Both girlies wore them around for over a week ;). Hayden also had fun playing with all the extra tokens and spent hours taking them out of the baggie and putting them back in. Out and in. One day, Emerson and Kennedy took turns doing gymnastic skills and giving each other was precious! And here they are wearing them during our "breakfast of champions". I let them make Olympic Rings out of fruit loops. So healthy, I know ;).

Last but not least, we finished watching the closing ceremonies a few nights after they ended. And I'm already excited for the 2014 when both girlies will understand it more. Yay Olymipcs!