Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I like to ride my Bicycle...

We recently discovered a baby shower gift that we'd forgotten about...my Grandmother had bought us the most adorable purple BICYCLE when we were expecting Emerson. Of course, we knew it would be a while before she could use it and had carefully tucked it away in the attack. Luckily, Scott found it a few months ago (just before we went to buy her one) and we've had the box ready to go in the garage ever since. Almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, Em would ask us, "is it warm enough outside to ride my bike today?" It didn't hurt that it is her favorite color...purple! Well guess what!?! This weekend it was finally warm enough! Scott got busy putting it together, we bought a helmet and a few other accessories and she took to the road, I mean sidewalk ;). Of course, Hayden was thrilled too because she inherited Em's old Barbie big wheel and her Dora tricycle. Needless to say, we've all been having so much fun on our NEW WHEELS!!! They both have picked up it really quickly, even though Miss HK's legs don't quite reach the pedals yet...sometimes all you need is a little push ;).

P.S. Thanks to Karo & K-bob, Gigi & Gebo and Grammy for all our wheels!!!