Sunday, January 03, 2010

Carlisle Christmas 2009

I know what you're thinking, but oh no, our celebrating was not done!!! On New Years Eve, we were Granbury-bound for the last of our Christmas celebrations. It was nice to have a few days at home, but we were ready to see Gigi and Gebo!

We arrived just in time for a yummy lunch at Grumps (our favorite) and then on to naps. While the girls were asleep, Gigi and mommy went to take Grammie on a few errands. We hated to steal her away from the SUPER fabulous NYE party at her Assisted Living home, but she was ready to hit the town. We spent the rest of the day at Gigi and Gebo's just hanging out, ate a YUMMY steak dinner and played a rowdy game of BINGO. I must say that the prize committee outdid themselves this year!! Em did awesome and was our winner for the first two games!! She picked her prizes...M&Ms and a Disney Princess puzzle book. Not bad, little lady. After she went to bed, the grown-ups kept on...mommy won a Starbucks card, Grammy won a yummy treat and daddy won an iTunes card. Gebo and Gigi just had fun playing ;). It was such a busy day that we all crashed early...didn't even ring in the New Year. But don't was still there in the morning so we were good!

Friday was our "Christmas" and we awoke to a yummy breakfast and stockings!! But we were super sad when we realized that Uncle Ross and Amanda were not going to be able to make it. Sweet Amanda had gotten sick and even though she kept trying to tell Ross they could go on, he was sweet to stay and take care of her. We sure missed them though!!

Uncle Jim, Aunt Traci and Grammie got there in time for our first ever Mexican Christmas meal! It wasn't the norm, but it was wonderful. Gigi and Gebo made awesome fajitas, we brought Stimson tamales and Jim and Traci brought some amazing queso and dips. Gooo-oood! After stuffing ourselves, Em played "St. Nick" and handed out all the presents...again, she loved it!! We all had fun, especially watching the girls play with their toys. It was a wonderful day and we made lots of sweet memories!

We stuck around a bit on Saturday just because we didn't want to leave ;). We read books, cuddled and Gigi helped Emerson make some yummy cookies ;). And despite the fact that we didn't capture a single picture of daddy this trip (what on earth!?!), he had a wonderful time too!!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families that love us so. And we love them too!! We loved ALL of our Christmases in 2009!!