Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day!!

Just as January needs a "Snowman Day", so does November need a "Turkey Day". And that's just what we had around here!! Here are some pics of our "Gobbly-Gobble" Day ;).

We talked daddy into hanging around for breakfast so that he could enjoy these precious little Turkey Waffles with us. Talk about yummy!!

And we posed with our "Thankful Turkey" one last time. We've been writing what we're thankful for on her feathers each night and love her cute little face (she doesn't know it yet, but we're having her for dinner ;)).

Then we got down to some Turkey crafting! First up were our Handprint Turkeys. It was impossible for mommy to get a picture during the process, but here's the after. Awww. Though let's just say that Hayden was NOT a fan of paint on her hand!

Next we spent some time playing with Turkey feathers...not really, but we were pretending. Emerson counted out 6 feathers and used hers to make a beautiful turkey. Hayden practiced throwing hers on the floor, saying, "uh-uh" and then putting them back into their box.

Then while Emmy practiced tracing the letter T for Turkey, Hayden and I played with the little turkey a bit. "Boble, Boble" as she would say ;).

We all read one of mommy's old teacher books...The Plump and Perky Turkey. So cute!!

When Hayden went down for her morning nap, Emmy and I did some of the activities that only "big girls" can do ;). And this one was my very favorite of the day...Sewing a Plump and Perky Turkey! We used yarn for the thread and made a "needle" out of a small piece of pipe cleaner. She did SUCH a wonderful job and I only had to help a few times. We both really enjoyed this one!

Next we made a Turkey Doorhanger. A little painting, teamwork, cutting and gluing and here it is! She like the painting part the most.

Computer time. We watched some YouTube videos of real turkeys making turkey calls and Em got a kick out of that! And we watched this silly Turkey Song. Over and over and over...she loved it!!! And we played the Turkey Game on Starfall too...not my favorite of all their games, but Em still liked it.

Hayden's up and it's snacktime!!! We made these Apple Turkeys and while I just expected them to eat the goodies on the feathers, once Em picked up her apple and took a bite, little sister wanted to do the same! I was worried about choking at first, but she has plenty of teeth and REALLY wanted to do it like Em, so we went for it ;).

We played a fun little game of "Hide the Turkey" using the "you're getting warmer/ cooler" method. Guess we're a little young for that. Em kept telling me..."you're warm, you're warm, it's in the shopping cart!" Too excited to wait ;). But we all had fun finding the turkey anyway.

Turkey Lunchtime!! First we had these cute little turkey sandwiches and then these yummy turkey cookies...super yum!!

While they were eating, I got our "Thankful Turkey" ready for dinner tonight. They were both SO interested in watching me peel and cut that thing up...and Em was a little worried about our poor "turkey" too ;).

One last Turkey before naps...a Spice turkey!! We used pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Em liked how they smelled, but was NOT impressed with how they tasted. I believe "yucky" was the word she used. Ha! Hayden didn't really know what was going on, but she sure enjoyed pretending that she was shaking those spices onto the paper. I love that kid!

Naptime for my turkeys ;).

After naptime, we really spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. We made Turkey sugar cookies for dessert...well, Em and I did while HK ate the dough ;) and they turned out really cute. They don't necessarily look like turkeys, but they were cute anyway.

Emmy was working on this Turkey letter matching game when Scott came in so they kid a bit of it together.

And compliments of our very own "Thankful Turkey", we had this yummy Butternut Squash soup for dinner! It was a huge hit with Hayden and myself, but daddy and Em weren't huge fans. To be fair, I knew that daddy's isn't ever a fan of squash, but I really thought I could fool him. Not so ;). But we still had a wonderful family dinner! And wouldn't you know it, we completely ran out of time to finish our last few Turkey activities for the day ;(. Oh well, we might just finish them up tomrrow.

So goodnight from our little turkeys!!