Friday, January 30, 2009

Snowman Day!!!

What is Snowman Day, you might ask? Well, I just found out that Scott's mom used to create their own holiday in January called "Snowman Day" to bridge the gap from Christmas to Valentines Day. Too cute. Sounded like fun to me, so we're going to carry on the tradition of Snowman Day! Here's how we celebrated...

For breakfast, we had these adorable snowman cute are they!?! I really wish I could remember where I found this idea (because I certainly didn't think of it on my own) but I just can't remember. Emmy really got a kick out of eating all the snowman parts :o). "Ouch" said the snowman.

(pancake body, bacon hat and scarf, chocolate chip buttons and eyes, marshmallow snow)

Next we got dressed in our matching snowmen onesies...yes, I know this is ridiculous but don't they look cute!?!

On to our first snowman day fun are these snowman blocks!?! By the way, this girl is a genius...I get tons of great ideas from her! Emerson totally loved counting the cotton balls, filling the snowman up and taking them all back out. And she carried them around ALL day.

Next, I pulled out the "winter box". I love this idea for teaching about seasons and will use it each season with new little treasures. I'm just sad I didn't know about this around Christmas because I probably could have found TONS of wintery, not so much. But it didn't seem to matter to Emmy. She loved them all but especially the snowmen (which she kept decapitating)!

Here is a website that Sharee told me about a while ago. It is one of Emerson's very favorite things to do and I really believe this is how she learned all her's wonderful. Anyway, today we did the letter "S" and then played the snowman game on the right. She picked some funky things for him to wear :o).

Lunchtime! Meet Mr. Sandwich Snowman. Would you believe that a sandwich shaped like a snowman tastes WAY better than the ones I give her every other day? :o)

(turkey sandwich body, raisin buttons and eyes, pretzel arms, cracker hat, carrot nose, marshmallow snow...forgot the fruit roll-up scarf)

I think these Q-tip snowmen were Em's favorite! She loves painting and I loved the idea of using Q-tips. So fun. Oh, and we decided that her snowman must have been experiencing a blizzard :o).

How about a few snow books before naptime? I picked up a couple at Half Price Books and really ended up loving this one...way cute!

After naptime, we did some coloring and a cottonball math sheet. She loved the coloring, but not so much the counting :o). She said, "I don't want to do this one. Let's play together now."

So just for fun, we had a SNOWBALL FIGHT! This is also something I used to do with my students to make working on their articulation a little more fun. For Emerson, I wrote all the lowercase letters (we don't know them all yet) and we wadded them up, threw them around and when she picked one up, she would tell me the letter. But it really got good when she decided that Hayden needed in on the action!

(No babies were harmed in the making of these photos)

Dinner had nothing to do with snowmen, but dessert sure did. I saved this little gem for tonight because I knew Em AND her daddy would love these yummy snowmen (another incredible site). We did have to improvise a bit when we couldn't find snowballs, but could it get any better?

So, Snowman Day was a least we thought so!