Saturday, July 11, 2009

Galveston on the 4th of July

Our first full day in Galveston was on the 4th of July and it couldn't have been better!! We hit the beach just after breakfast and quickly realized that sand + 5 little kids = a bit tougher than we had imagined. For one, if the sand blew into their faces, their immediate reaction was to rub it out...with already SUPER sandy fingers. Not good. Plus, most of the kiddos weren't fans of the ocean at all! Luckily, they DID love digging in the sand and playing in the blow-up pool we brought for Hayden. So it was all okay ;). Fun beach day!

Emmy was the only little one that braved the ocean that morning (but the rest did the next time we hit the beach) and she spent a ton of time jumping the waves and letting daddy carry her out there. Sweet girl.

But I really think Hayden might have had the best time of them all!! She had her very own shaded pool and sweet Emma that just wanted to entertain her ;). She splashed and splashed the morning away!

So...the beach really was fun, but the parents were WAY worn out afterwards. We decided right then to try the pool the next day ;).

After some lunch and naps, we played around the condo, had a little dance party and we (I mean Scott) made a WONDERFUL shish-ka-bob dinner! Thanks sweetie! Hayden had to go to bed before it got dark, but all the big kids stayed up for the fireworks. Jill had brought them all fun 4th hats and necklaces and we sat on the back patio to watch the show. Kathy really captured the beauty of it all...she's amazing! Then we let the kids do some sparklers before bed...I think they were a hit!!

Happy 4th of July from Galveston!!

Kathy did this great collage of the highlights!!

*** Thanks to Jill and Kathy for taking pics for me when my camera messed up...let's face it, their's are WAY better than mine anyway ;)