Sunday, June 07, 2009

Short but sweet.

When daddy had to head off to California for a few days last week, we took our own little trip to see Gigi and Gebo. It was short but definitely sweet. We were a HUGE hit at Gigi's school, Gebo's work and Grammy's assisted living home. And of course we did lots of playing and got plenty of lovin' too :o). Thanks...we had fun!

And just to keep things we were driving off to head back home, mommy decided to park the truck in Gigi and Gebo's ditch. Oh yeah, that's our truck. How on earth did that happen, you might ask?!? Daddy is still wondering too. Ha! Honestly, she was just so THANKFUL that her girlies (and the truck) were okay, mommy didn't even care that it cost $50 to tow. And now we wait the for this to be added to that "Women Drivers" video on YouTube...enough people stopped to stare that someone was bound to take a picture :o).