Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mommy's little helper

In my never-ending quest to do a better job at both mothering and homemaking in one single day (usually I feel good about one or the other) I'm trying to make our chores as fun as possible. And I've gotten some good tips lately from some other great mommies...thanks Natasha and Molly! Who knew that Emerson would be so GOOD and ENTHUSIASTIC about folding laundry!?! One of those never-ending tasks that I tend to dread just got a whole lot more fun just by watching the JOY on her face as she completes the task. Right now, her job is to do the washcloths and help me put them all away, but she's already asking to help with more. Love you,'re such a little teacher to me :o).

"Fold in the middle..."

"...and fold in the middle again."