Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Present.

I don't know which group of us would be right, but I'm pretty sure we all thought WE received the best present last weekend...Scott and I because we got an expense-paid weekend away, Gigi and Gebo because they got to spend time with the girls OR Emerson and Hayden because they got to be spoiled by their grandparents all weekend. It was definitely a win-win-win weekend for all of us! (Although Scott and I KNOW ours was more relaxing than the grandparents. Ha!)

For Christmas, Gigi and Gebo had gotten us a weekend at a little cottage in Fredericksburg. We were so excited and had been looking forward to the trip for a long time. Of course, a big part of the gift was that they were going to keep the girls while we were gone. While we did miss those girlies a lot, it really was just what we needed and so nice not to have to worry about the them at all! Thank you Gigi and Gebo SO was wonderful!!!

Of course, the girls were in heaven all weekend too! I think the big one even sweet talked her way to staying up late a few nights :o). And I know the little one got anything she wanted when she flashed her big' ole smile! Just look...

I have to admit that it was so sweet when we got back to the girls...they were really excited and it was so good to see them too!

And as if they hadn't already done MORE than enough, Gigi and Gebo scheduled a little photo shoot for the girls and we got this special surprise when we got home. Priceless! Thank you again...we all had a WONDERFUL time!!!