Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spring Break - Panhandle Style

Whew...what a trip! We had the most wonderful Spring Break visiting our family in the Panhandle. And now that we've been back a week, we are finally rested up, our bags are put away and we're missing them all already!

Sunday afternoon - Mommy, Emerson and Hayden drove to Gigi and Gebo's house so we could be ready to leave the next morning. It was REALLY hard leaving daddy at home, but he had a busy week so we knew he'd be okay :o). When we got there, Em drug out ALL the toys they have and had a ball! And we even got to see Uncle Jim and Grammy too.

Monday - Our goal was to get out of there just after breakfast because we had quite a drive ahead of us...if we had only known :o). Even though we know the way to Kress, we decided to just follow whatever the Garman (navagtion device) told us to do. Well, you just can't imagine our journey...LOTS of new roads, seven hours, three stops, two movies and one Gigi crawling in the backseat later, we made it to Kress. Not exactly our best trip, but we were there. Just as soon as we got there, Meme gave Emmy and Dillon (her second cousin) recorders, we had a delicious meal, and all enjoyed some time outside! Granddaddy showed the kiddos his garden and they played a little golf. And inside, Emmy even got to play with some of Meme's toys that mommy spent tons of hours playing with when she was a kid. Memories!

Tuesday - While Gigi, Meme and Granddaddy were at a funeral, mommy stayed with the kiddos. We played outside, took naps and were ready to go again when they got home. Mommy's favorite part of this day was learning a new recipe from Meme...Chinese sweet and sour pork. It was delicious!!! Drew was sweet to share all his toys with Miss Hayden and Dillon made her giggle SO loud :o).

Wednesday - On Wednesday, Dillon got to come play again...they played SO well together and just acted like they'd know each other forever :o). Meme gave them the neatest thing to do...pouring with measuring cups. It was all business! Oh, and Emmy L-O-V-E-D playing in Meme's curtains. She totally thought it was a stage and she started "preaching to us" out of her little Bible....something about patience :o). That night, mommy and Aunt Jamie went to Jamie's water areobics class and took the big kids to the childcare room there. (The little kids stayed home with the grandparents). When the mommies were done, the big kids got to go swimming!!! The pool even had a slide that they went down about a million times :o). Oh, and while we were gone, Hayden had her first happy bath ever. Yay!

Thursday - We went to Aunt Jamie's new was beautiful!!! And they live on the farm so there is TONS of room to run and play. So exciting! Gigi and Meme and Jamie and Mommy took turns going to get pedicures while the others stayed with the kiddos. It was wonderful :o).

Friday - We couldn't believe Friday came so quick!!! This was the day Hayden got her first haircut. Cutie! After a yummy pancake breakfast (this is for you, daddy), we headed up and drove back to Granbury. This trip was a lot better too. We decided the highway was the way to go. The girls got to spend some time with Gebo that night and we all crashed early.

Saturday - Back home to see daddy! But not before we ran by Grammy's to visit real quick. She gave mommy some of HER mom's old crystal dishes and held sweet Hayden while Emmy checked out the ducks with Gebo. It was a WONDERFUL trip and went way too fast, but daddy was SO excited to see us. If fact, he was waiting outside in the driveway when we pulled up :o).