Thursday, April 16, 2009

He is not here, he has risen! ~Luke 24:6

We had such a fabulous Easter this year! Learning about Jesus' sacrifice for the first time AND all over again was such a blessing. I continue to be amazed at how much God teaches us through our precious girls and their innocent little minds. Praise God for the gift of salvation!

We spent the weekend in Granbury and really enjoyed our time! Gigi and Gebo's neighborhood had a little Easter egg hunt on Saturday that was a hoot. The girls both got to meet the Easter Bunny and Emerson gathered up tons of eggs. She was seriously excited and loved all the treasures in her eggs.

And a SUPER treat for mommy and daddy...the g-parents babysat for us Saturday night so we could have a little date night. We're talking 7 whole hours of uninterrupted conversation, a little shopping and dinner at Simply Fondue. It was marvelous!!! Thanks, Gigi and Gebo...we know you really just did it so you could hang with the girls, but we loved it too :o).

We were all very bummed on Sunday morning when we realized that the girls' sniffles and coughs had gotten worse and we wouldn't be able to take them to church. But we still celebrated our Savior's resurrection and rejoiced that He is risen! We gave the girls their baskets and Gigi made a delicious Easter lunch! Of course, we had to get a few pictures in their dresses. (For you Baylor folks...we felt a little like we were just dressing up to go eat at Memorial on Sunday at noon...ha!) And do you know how hard it is to get four people all looking in the same direction at the same time!?!?

And here's a little of how we prepared for Resurrection Day!

We talked about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday...

...that He died on the cross for our sins...

...and that he ROSE AGAIN on Easter!!!

And we really enjoyed using our Resurrection Eggs to learn about Easter in such a age-appropriate way for Miss Em.