Monday, April 20, 2009

Bug Week

Last week was "BUG" week! And even though my little LOVEBUGS were a little under the weather, we still managed to have some fun. And the best part...sweet Em is starting to get over her fear of BUGS! Sort of :o)

We read TONS of BUG books this week! Em read to Abby (her babydoll), she did LOTS of Itsy Bitsy SPIDER finger puppet shows for Hayden and we had lots of fun with A Very Hungry CATERPILLAR...popsicle stick CATERPILLAR and coffee filter BUTTERFLY.

Kennedy came over on Wednesday, so the girls had a good time making paper plate LADYBUGS, fingerprint BUGS hiding in grass and a yummy UGLY BUG snack from our Books Cooks book!

Our sweet little LOVEBUG finally started eating a little bit of cereal...once I change from Rice cereal to Oatmeal, she is a much bigger fan!

We did lots of BUG cooking this week...ANTS on a Log (waffle sticks with peanut butter and raisins) and LADYBUGS (strawberries with mini chocolate chips)...

...and Twinky BEES!

Miss Hayden LOVES her jumperoo! She totally gets her legs a jumping like a little BUG...especially when big sister is around. It's like she's trying to show off :o). And she loves that little DRAGONFLY too!

I was so proud of these next two! For the Picnic Picture, Em helped me find pictures of food for her "picnic", glued them to the blanket and glued all the little ANTS (chocolate chips) all by herself! Then she helped tell the story and I wrote it down. Way to go, little lady!

And then she identified all the letters in her name when I made the sound to help spell her name CATERPILLAR all by herself. SHE was proud of this one!

Here's Hayden laying down on the job...she was supposed to be playing with her BUG toys and practicing sitting up, but you can see how well that worked :o).

And of course we had to go on a BUG hunt!!! Several actually. On Monday, Em wouldn't even help look for them, by the middle of the week she would find them but then run away, but by the weekend she got really good and helped her daddy find a BEETLE, MOSQUITO and LADYBUG! So exciting! Oh, and she fed them dandelions from our yard :o).

Night-night from Em's little LADYBUG nightlight...oh wait, that's a cutie little Haydie-BUG!