Saturday, March 07, 2009

P week!

P is for Purple, Pasta, Puzzles, Pigs, Portrait, Play doh, Pretending, Park, Pam, Picnic and Pancakes....a few of the things we learned about last week.
(We were not Punctual about this Post all happened last week)

Muffin Tin Monday
...we didn't actually go with the theme last week, but we did manage to Pick all P things...peaches, pickles, pink milk, pasta, pretzels, pudding!

We're SO Proud of Hayden's new little trick :o).

We made a Pasta P and a Pink and Purple Polkadot P (really more like squiggles)!

We made Pink Playdoh Pigs on my Precious Placemat from Emma.

Hayden is giving up her Pacifier...she Prefers her fingers (just like big sister).

Did you know that last Tuesday was National Pancake Day!?! All day, we Pretended to mix the batter, flip our Pancakes and Plate them up :o). And that night, we went to IHOP for FREE Pancakes with Kennedy's family! It was Perfect!

We found tons of P videos on YouTube last week...thanks to Seasame Street:

And we tried some new P foods. (P.S. I DON'T like Paprika!)

We made Piggie waffles for breakfast...yum!

Wasn't the weather Perfect last week!?! We certainly took advantage by spending tons of time Picnicing and Playing at the Park.

This one was a family Project so daddy could help...was made life-size Portraits of two Pink girlies :o) We just forgot to take a Picture of Em's.

On Thursday, Mommy and Gigi's friend, Pam, brought us a yummy lunch and Presents...a beautifully handmade quilt for Hayden (like the one she made Em as a baby) and a fun new hooded towel for Emerson. Em thought it was funny she had a P name...Perfect for our P week. (Just a bummer that mommy forgot to take a Picture with her).

We did TONS of Puzzles last week! Usually in our Pajamas :o)

Our little bit has become a Perfect NaPPer...two two-hour naps a day!

And we read LOTS of new books...some P books and some not. We were getting ready for our fun outing with Quinn and other new friends to watch a Play...If you Give a Pig a Pancake!!!

Here we are eating some Pig Pancakes to Prepare for our day!

Last but not least...did we mention how Precious baby sister is!?!